Get 30% more clicks by putting your Customer Reviews to good use!

  • 91% of consumers read online customer reviews when searching for a local business
  • 84% of consumers rely on online reviews as much as they rely on direct referrals
  • 4 out of 5 clients will write an online review if the business asks them

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How It Works:

We will add the necessary code markup to your website to get Google to show star ratings in search results. We will generate a new sitemap and submit it to Google daily so that their engine is made aware of the added markup to your company’s website.


  • Number of Webpages to add star-rating customer review code

  • Review Style: singular or aggregate

A Singular client review will show a single client / customer review beneath the URL in Google search results.

Aggregate client reviews will show an average of several client / customer reviews beneath the URL in Google search results.

What We Need:

  • Temporary webmaster / hosting access to wherever your company website is hosted

  • If your website is built with WordPress, you can just create an administrator account for our web developer


  • Code additions: 3 – 5 days

  • Recognition by Google: 1 – 30 days

Of course we don’t control Google’s algorithm, but they are usually quite fast at discovering and showing our customers’ website reviews in search results.

Once we add the necessary review code(s) to your website, we create a new sitemap XML file and submit it to Google via their Webmaster Tools Search Console. We then manually resubmit each page with the new code(s) to Google daily for re-crawling until the review stars show in search results with your company URL.

We have seen them recognize the review code additions in as little as 24 hours. In rare cases, it can take Google up to one-month to recognize the added markup and show the star rating.


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